Wort Chillers

Wort chillers for home brewers and small craft breweries

Sabco has a nice selection of wort chillers to accompany your brewing system. Get your yeast pitched quickly with these extremely efficient wort chillers.


The ChillWizard system is a great little plate chiller with pump, thermometer, oxygen stone. Connect to your boil kettle with a sanitary-tri clamp hose and send chilled, oxygenated wort directly into your fermenter.

This small chilling system is recommended for batches 30 gallons and below.

Plate Pro

The PlatePro chiller is a smaller version of heat exchangers seen in breweries everywhere. This plate wort chiller is extremely efficient and has removable plates for easy cleaning. Connect hoses for coolant connections and sanitary tri-clamp hoses for wort.

The PlatePro wort chiller is recommended for batches 3.5 bbl and below.