Special Kegs & Brights

Special beer kegs for home brewers, breweries, bars and restaurants

Sabco has been doing creative things with beer kegs for over 30 years. Our original BrewMagic systems used beer kegs for mashing and boiling. Now, we use beer kegs to make high-end brewing equipment for home brewers, craft brewers, breweries, bars and restaurants.

We have the best sanitary welders and we use their skills to make serving kegs, bright tanks, fermenters and lots of other custom kegs.


PubJugs are our solution to crappy Corney kegs while still giving you the features of a Sankey keg. PubJugs are easy to clean because the spear can be removed with a tri-clamp. You can easily tap the keg with a standard Sankey coupler.

Fill your PubJugs with craft beer, soda, seltzer, cold brew coffee, wine or craft cocktails. Serve your creation easily with standard bar equipment and clean it in the sink without special equipment.

Carbonate your beer, soda or seltzer with head pressure or the optional carbonation wand which speeds up the process.

Bright Vessels

Sabco bright vessels are similar to PubJugs (see section above) but the cap is a little different. It still has a 4-inch removable cap but the Sankey valve is centered, making it more easily compatible with commercial keg washing equipment.

We still include the pressure relief valve for safety but it is installed in the dome of the keg rather than the cap.

Custom Kegs

Sabco does all its welding and fabrication in-house so can build just about any custom keg you dream up. We have built lots of custom kegs with side ferrules, top ferrules, special valves and other features. Customers have used these for beer storage, beer conditioning, yeast propagation and many other non-beverage applications.

Call or write us to discuss.