Shipping Policy


Shipping Policy

SABCO, Inc. ships both domestically and internationally. Be advised that all shipments out of the contiguous 48 states will require a customized quotation to assure accuracy. If shipping to Alaska or Hawaii or another country, we will shop for the least expensive freight rate, then contact you for your permission prior to processing your order. For these shipments, the freight quote provided on our online store will be incorrect. We will contact you on the next business day with further information. Regardless of the final destination, we depend upon the accuracy of shipping information received by our customers in order to assure the safest and quickest delivery. Be careful when providing your shipping destination information. SABCO cannot be held responsible for shipments forwarded to an incorrectly described destination.  In such cases, freight costs incurred from the incorrect to the correct destination will be charged to the purchaser. Mistakes by SABCO will certainly be at SABCO’s expense.

SABCO sells many hardware components which are typically pre-boxed, held in stock, and ready for shipment within 1-2 days. Other popular components which require customized work and pre-testing, are likewise often held in stock for similar quick shipment. Occasionally, some items may be delayed especially during heavy seasonal demand periods. This delay most often never exceeds 2 weeks. Please be patient. It is our first priority to produce high quality products, on time to our customers. Please feel free to contact our service department (419) 531-5347, at any time for updates regarding your order.

Full brewing systems are made to order for the purchaser and are scheduled for production in the order they are received, immediately upon receipt of the quoted customer deposit. Your salesman can make an estimate of the expected ship date based upon the current list of pre-scheduled customers. Please realize that this is at best an estimate. We tend to use the word “approximate” when discussing ship dates of complex equipment.

Many customers request that delivery be postponed to meet their specific timetable. This often happens when new brewpub construction is still ongoing. SABCO is happy to coordinate the shipment to meet your deadline. On the other hand, when a shipment needs to be expedited, out of fairness to those pre-scheduled customers who are patiently waiting in line, we will instead assign overtime hours to one or more of our technicians who will work solely on your project to meet your deadline if possible. A flat fee of $250 will be charged for this service with a guarantee by SABCO to ship by a mutually agreed date.

SABCO takes special care to package and protect your shipment. We use customized pallets, boxes, foam, bubble-wrap, etc. to assure that it arrives safely without damage. Upon loading onto the carrier’s vehicle however, SABCO is unfortunately no longer in “care, custody, or control” of the equipment to be shipped and therefore cannot be held liable for carrier-damaged shipments. Incoterms: EXW (Ex Works).  common carriers all have insurance to cover such mishaps. It’s a rare occurrence but it can happen. When your shipment arrives do the following:

a. Make sure that the purchaser is on-hand or someone who can judge the shipment integrity.

b. If palletized, walk around the pallet and look for damages. (holes, dents, torn wrapping.)

c. Have the driver make notes of any and all damage on the bill of lading ( don’t sign it yet )

d. Take photos of any and all damages if discovered. Forward to SABCO immediately.

e. If damage is trivial you may decide to accept the delivery. Record on the BOL, and sign. Contact SABCO when you can.

f. If damage is major and unacceptable, record, photo and inform the driver that you must reject the shipment. The carrier will return the shipment to SABCO. A replacement will be forwarded quickly.

Foreign Shipments out of the USA

SABCO utilizes an excellent export agent to handle the paperwork and transport of the shipment to your desired port of entry. You may also choose your own forwarder to handle all transportation of the equipment from SABCO, Toledo, OH. Either way, once a shipment arrives at your port, it is most typically moved to a holding area until it can be cleared by customs in your country. Be advised that SABCO does not prepare documentation for customs clearance other than normal export documentation and commercial invoice. SABCO cannot advise you regarding possible customs laws or regulations, nor be responsible for advising information regarding duties, taxes, port fees, port handling fees, etc. that may become discovered before or after the arrival of the shipment in your country. Some countries highly regulate the importation of machinery, brewing or food related equipment and alcohol beverages. SABCO strongly recommends that importation of all brewing related equipment be handled by a professional import agent in your country. Such an agent should be hired by you, and be trusted to advise you of local law, expected fees and expenses, and possible customs concerns. The agent shall protect your interests prior to shipping from the USA, and then after arrival at your port of entry. SABCO shall coordinate all paperwork with your agent in order to assure that there will be no surprises, or delays in receiving your equipment.