White Labs ‘Ferm-Flask’ by SABCO


The White Labs ‘Ferm-Flask’ by SABCO provides a simple way to prevent yeast from contamination caused by bacteria, wild yeasts and other microbiological organisms while in the brewery environment.



This vessel is modified after the Carlsberg Flask that was invented with the 1st Pure Yeast Culture in 1883 by Emil Christian Hansen. Just like the Carlsberg flask of the past, this yeast brink has been developed specifically for aseptic yeast handling in the brewery, assuring a pure and physiologically fit pitching yeast.

SABCO, in collaboration with White Labs, has developed a superb flask alternate of exceptional quality. Smooth and sanitary weld technique, is applied throughout this vessel.

In keeping with the Danish roots of the famous Carlsberg flask, SABCO and White Labs have modified the design of this flask to meet and surpass industry standards for yeast handling.

Maintaining a pure and vital yeast culture is the key to a consistent and flawless fermentation. Contamination in the brewery, caused by bacteria, wild yeasts and other microbiological organisms is largely a result of poor yeast handling, storage, and transfers. Because this vessel is entirely enclosed and completely sanitary, it provides a simple way to avoid contamination in the brewery and will prevent the spread of contaminants and beer spoilage organisms.

With ‘Ferm-Flask’, you’ll be able to add Nutrients while the yeast is in storage. In the same way, you’ll also be able to charge your yeast prior to pitching. The special mixing arm will help you to avoid hot spot build up and will also allow you to homogenize the slurry prior to sampling or pitching.

The White Labs ‘Ferm-Flask’ by SABCO is the best way to ensure a consistently healthy pitch of yeast every time! Watch the following video from White Labs!


Available in two (2) models: Standard Model with dual internal mixing paddle.

Light Model without mixing paddle. Choose between these two models above.



  • Half US barrel volume ( 15.5 US Gal. / 58.6 L )
  • PVR (Pressure Release Valve)
  • Temperature Probe
  • Complete Sanitary construction
  • Totally Enclosed Vessel
  • Sanitary Ball Valve (1″ dia.)
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Manual T-bar design internal paddle with Standard Model
  • Wide Piping for thick slurries
  • Stainless Interior & Exterior
  • 6″ Port for easy cleaning
  • Pharmaceutical grade Tri-clamp ports and connections
  • USES
  • Yeast Collection
  • Yeast Storage
  • Priming Mixer
  • Yeast Maintenance

Additional information

Choose Model Type:

Standard with Paddle, Light – No Paddle


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