Whirlpool Siphon



Consider converting your false-bottom style boil-kettle over to a whirlpool capable one!  Use this Tri-clamp Siphon to quickly make the upgrade.


The Brew-Magic boil kettle dynamics are amazingly perfect for manual whirlpooling. After allowing coagulants to gather in your boiling wort, a steady turning motion with your spurtle or spoon will quickly create a vortex that pulls trub to the center for a nice cone.

SABCO’s Whirlpool Siphon can be used to allow removal of clean wort from the outer edges of the kettle rather than from the middle. Simply remove the false bottom if you have one, and substitute the Whirlpool Siphon in favor of your previous center-located version.  You’ll discover that whirlpooling is easier to use and simple to clean.

All 304 Stainless and sanitary welded


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