Wash-Head Tap


The Wash-Head Tap is the ideal coupler for both filling and cleaning procedures

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This coupler head can be used for both keg filling, washing and decanting!

  • Both the CO2 (gas) and Beer sides of this tap are equally large unlike standard couplers which have a reduced diameter CO2 inlet.
  • Unlike standard couplers the “Wash-Head tap” does not have check valves at either the inlet or outlet ports.
  • This quality wash-head coupler includes a ‘Shut-Off’ ball valve at each port, which allows a quick turn-off from the inlet source and attachment of the next keg.
  • Use this coupler for cleaning with the keg in an inverted position.
  • Use as well for filling in either upright or inverted keg position.
  • Both ports have removable 1/2″ OD (3/8″ ID) hose barbs for easy connections.


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