Valve Services

SABCO has reconditioned literally millions of keg valves of all types in its over 50 year history since 1961.

To date, not one keg valve has ever failed for any reason as a direct result of our workmanship.

All of our services are backed by a full customer satisfaction warranty.

Consider SABCO for all of your kegging needs.


A keg valve is the only keg component with moving parts.   Some of these parts get worn and occasionally require services, cleaning or replacement.  Since the beginning of the American Sankey valve design,  keg valve manufacturers, both foreign and domestic, have almost continuously modified, upgraded, replaced or simply deleted valve parts from each of their respective products.

Important items such as the o’ring, or CO2 valve grommet, body and spring sets are extremely specific for each of the many valve types that have been sold along with the kegs that are now in service.   Brewers who purchased both new and used kegs from various sources,  are virtually guaranteed to have a wide variety of mixed valve types, styles, and parts lists.  Some are newer than others.   So many of these parts look identical in many ways,  but be advised that slight variations are enough to make a valve malfunction at the cost of lost beer and perhaps a lost customer.

Do the manufacturers publish their parts lists?   No.    Is there an easy way to identify the valve type so that the brewer can obtain the correct replacement parts when needed?   No.    By making it difficult,  valve manufacturers have wisely protected themselves from owner mistakes.  Owners that recondition their own valves,  take on the liability that comes with incorrect part identification and installation.   Valve reconditioning is not rocket science,  but manufactures wish to encourage owners not to take the chance.   This type of mistake can be a costly one.

SABCO works directly with all valve manufacturers to secure the correct parts to meet their current design specifications.  SABCO only uses manufacturer’s recommended replacement parts for each valve type.

Since 1961,  SABCO has cleaned, fully reconditioned, tested and installed literally millions of keg valves.   With over 50 years of keg service ,  SABCO is proud to say that has never produced a reconditioned valve that has failed due to either workmanship or incorrect part usage.   Not a bad record.

You can certainly send your keg valves back to the manufacturers or their affiliates,  or you can choose SABCO and receive the same quality service with a more competitive price structure.

SABCO will only charge you for ‘Needed’ services. . . Most brewers have a mix of newer and older keg valves.  It may make more sense and save you some money to clean, replace the o’ring and test the newer ones,  and recondition only the ones that need reconditioning.   Valve parts are expensive!  You pay for a full set of replacement parts,  when you ‘exchange’  your valves for fully reconditioned ones from a ‘pool’ of other brewers valves.   Keep in mind that when you do this,  you may be trading your newer valves for much older ones.

Please consider SABCO for all of your keg needs.   Call us for further information.     Contact SABCO.  419-531-5347,   or email :


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