1/2″ ID Tygon Sanitary Bev-Tubing (FDA)


Tygon’s smooth, non-porous bore ensures sanitary fluid path by minimizing potential for bacterial growth. It boasts outstanding resistance to harsh alkaline cleaners and is unaffected by commonly used sanitizers. Suggested service temperatures to 175 F.  Not suggested for boiling temperature transfers. This is a superb FDA, hospital grade tubing designed for cleanability and beverage transfer.


*Tubing is sold in lengths of 10 ft.    To buy a 20 ft. length,  order a  quantity of two (2) in your shopping cart.

1/2″ ID Beverage (FDA) quality clear Tygon tubing is used for the MASH kettle inlet of the Brew-Magic V350 as well as the 2X model systems to direct the return flow of wort gently to the top of the grain bed. We suggest a length of four feet (48″) in our mash kettles. This gives adequate length to lay horizontally on top of the grain for batch sizes from 5-13 gallon. You can also use Tygon for transfer from chiller to fermenter, or from fermenter to keg.

If you need to connect regulators for CO2 pressurizing,  we suggest 3/8″ ID reinforced hosing (see below).

For use as a blow-off tube for the SABCO fermenters, we suggest 3/8″ clear PVC tubing (see below).


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