TC to Ball-Lock Connector Kit


This kit will allow a completely closed-system transfer of clear beer from a source vessel,  such as the TC outlet of SABCO’s fermenter.   Beer will flow into your Corney and fill from the bottom-up through the dip-tube.


Use this combination of components to quickly convert, connect and fill your Ball-Lock (Corney)  through the liquid-out side.   Connect a 1/2″ hose to the outlet side of your Corney using the more desired,  threaded-flare type coupler ( included ).  Use the “gas-in” side of the Corney to apply back pressure of CO2 to the beer while filling.  This will eliminate foaming or exposure to atmosphere.   See the attached flow diagram.

This kit is sold together with all of the parts shown in the attached photo except for the hosing. This includes a set of threaded type Ball-lock couplers which are the easiest to disconnect for cleaning. Note that the hose is sold separately by SABCO in the plumbing accessories dept.   Attached also find a flow diagram that demonstrates the correct hook-ups for a complete Brew-Magic System layout.  Find the NP989 adapter kit above the Ball-Lock keg in the drawing.


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