Tri-Clamp Thermowell


This tri-clamp, sanitary thermowell may be used in place of the standard dial thermometer on SABCO’s fermenter.  Insert your own temperature probe into the thermowell to work with any simple refrigerator controller.  Improve your ability to efficiently govern yeast activity.


Do you own one of SABCO’s great fermenters with a tri-clamp ( TC ) temp. gauge? If so, perhaps you’d like to automate your refrigeration temperature for improved control!

Simply remove your current 1-1/2″ TC thermometer and attach SABCO’s tri-clamp thermowell. Now slide a thermocouple probe ( max. 1/4″ OD ) into the well and connect it to your refrigeration controller for the ultimate fermentation temperature management.

This is an all stainless thermowell with 1-1/2″ TC ferrule connector, and sanitary welded assembly. Overall tube length is 9-1/4″. When attached to the SABCO fermenter it will allow you to slide the tip of your thermocouple probe all the way to the very center of the vessel.

Brew your best. Use genuine SABCO equipment.



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