Tri-Clamp Siphon Kit


Use this Tri-Clamp siphon kit to replace the siphon on SABCO kettles that have an internal outlet, with 1/2″ Tri-clamp ferrule.  This includes kettles found on many models of the Brew-Magic System.


SABCO’s exclusive TC siphon design allows a sanitary, removable system for easy cleaning.

This model is specifically designed to replace siphons for Brew-Magic kettles only.  This includes the Brew-Magic System Mash kettle and earlier model HLT and BOIL kettle designs which have a pre-welded interior 1/2″ Tri-Clamp ferrule installed.

Attach an external sanitary valve for complete siphon control at any time. You’ll also quickly discover how easy it is to disassemble this siphon for cleaning.

Just like the rest of SABCO design kettles, there are no threads to clean or worry about.

Note: If you’d like to use a False Bottom, be sure to order the false bottom with the hole in the middle. This siphon is designed to perfectly fit through the false bottom hole.


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