Thermocouple Sensor Probe


This stainless J-type Thermocouple probe will replace your current one.  Be sure to check if your probe connects 2 or 3 wires to your controller.  See details below.



Thermocouple probes have a shelf life.   Chemicals, high temperatures, etc, can decrease the sensitivity of a thermocouple over time.  Periodic testing of a thermocouple against a calibrated digital probe is the best way to judge whether it’s time for a replacement.

Use this J-type thermocouple to replace the existing one in your Brew-Magic System.  Measure the probe diameter of your current thermocouple.  It is most likely 1/4″ diameter.   Earlier models have a 1/8″ probe diameter and will require a threaded adapter to make the conversion to this more rugged 1/4″ version.

Newer Brew-Magic Systems (after 2013), use an RTD (resistance Temp. Detector) rather than a thermocouple.  An RTD tends to be more accurate and stable.  Thermocouples and RTD’s look the same however, the RTD has 3 wires that connect to the controller while the thermocouple has 2 wires.  Be sure to check inside the control panel box to be sure that you are ordering the correct device.

Upgrading from a thermocouple to the RTD is possible if you have a Unitronics V350 controller, by forwarding it to SABCO where it needs to be reprogrammed to work with the RTD.  Contact us for further detail by emailing:



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