SABCO Bright – 15.5 Gal.


SABCO Bright 15.5 Gal. is a multi-purpose vessel that allows easy internal access for cleaning and inspection via a 4″ Tri-Clamp port.  This nationally popular product,  when not in use for aging & conditioning, dry-hopping, or carbonating, can be rolled under your bar and tapped like any other D’System American Sankey keg!  Brewers currently enjoying the convenient accessibility of the ‘flip-lidded’ ball-lock container,  can now have the same capability with a larger capacity along with the brewer preferred American Sankey valve.  SABCO Bright truly is the ‘Do-All’ vessel!  ( See inset photo for our optional Carb-Wand)


  • Some amazing facts about the SABCO 15.5 Gal. Bright:

  • Sanitary design, closed system pressure vessel.
  • Bright-beer storage and conditioning under pressure.
  • A great add-on to the Bright is the SABCO Carb-Wand ( Sold Separately )  with  .5 micron stone can slide into the vessel’s upper dome, 1/2″ sanitary port. ( See inset photo ) Click below or search PR760 )
  • The 4″ upper Tri-Clamp removable port cap has an American Sankey valve (Micromatic or DSI) installed into its center using industry standard o’ring / SS snap-ring.
  • Valve system allows immediate use of the bright as a serving vessel. Following carbonation and conditioning, roll it under your bar and tap the American D-system valve just like any keg in the country.
  • Use the same valve to allow a closed environment transfer of clear beer from the SABCO fermenter. Liquid will flow from the fermenter’s racking arm, through the bright vessel’s center dip-tube, filling it from the bottom-up. We suggest applying some CO2 back-pressure in the bright as it fills to prevent foaming or atmospheric contamination.
  • Extract the upper 4″ cap right along with the entire valve assembly by simply removing the sanitary clamp.  This allows easy inspection,  and sink cleanup of entire vessel and valve system. A wash head tap through the valve stem is fine for closed system kegs, however with inspection port design vessels, a spray ball is superior. Unlike standard kegs, bright vessel gaskets and ports should be removed, cleaned, inspected and sanitized prior to re-filling.
  • For added safety, SABCO has also installed a 60psi, PRV (pressure relief valve) with pull ring convenience. Note that we have designed this PRV with an o’ring at the base of the coupling. This assures proper clean-out and prevents threads from harboring bacteria.
  • The entire vessel only weighs 33 lbs. Flip over a sink for quick spray out.
  • SABCO’s bright is used in pubs nationwide for its ease of use, as well as for its certified volume with respect to tax accountability.


  • Specifications:

  • Capacity: 15.5 gal. (1/2 barrel).  304 stainless steel. Also available in 7.75 gal. size.
  • Sanitary weld construction. We do not use difficult to clean, bulk-head threaded fittings.
  • Vessel has a safety burst disk on bottom dome for your protection if accidental over-pressurization should occur.
  • 4″ and 1/2″ top dome sanitary ports.
  • American Sankey Valve installed into 4″ port.
  • Maximum suggested working pressure is 20 psi.
  • 60psi Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) with pull ring. Threads never touch your product.
  • Dimensions: 16″ diameter x 23.75″ tall
  • This vessel is designed for beverages only.  Chemicals not fit for human consumption could damage the gaskets.
  • As always, SABCO guarantees your satisfaction!

Interested in wholesaling this product?  Contact us: 419-531-5347 (kegs)


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