Sankey 4″ Tri-Clamp Cap


Attention Brewers !!

Now you can convert your 4″ TC storage vessels to a standard ‘D’ system Sankey for easy cleaning…or even dispensing!


Brewers love the convenient ‘easy access’ Sankey top of the SABCO Bright vessel.
Allows inspection of the interior with the simple removal of the Tri-Clamp.  Utilize the American (D-System) Sankey valve
and then quickly extract the entire valve assembly for easy sink cleaning of the keg interior!

Note that this assembly is not designed for cleaning the Bright keg or Fermenter interior through the valve while the keg is inverted. The keg neck extends slightly below the 4″ cap by approx. 3/8″. This allows the top surface of the keg neck to be below most all keg skirts and prevent valve damage.

NOW available separately. Purchase the SABCO designed 4″ Sankey
top by itself for other similar vessels w/ a 4″ TC top opening.
You’ll receive a 4″ Solid Cap with a standard Sankey ‘drop-in’ valve installed (just as you see in the photo).

Choose the option if you would like to include a 4″ Tri-Clamp and 4″ Tri-Clamp Buna gasket too (add $15).

* For yeast brink or wine topping use, be sure to see the 4″ cap with a welded 1.5″ TC Ferrule instead of the Sankey valve assembly.
* As with any pressure vessel, a PRV (pressure relief valve) is a must for your coupler or tank

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Cap and Valve Only, Add 4" Clamp and Gasket


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