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SABCO design jet burners start with a heavy-duty casting along with a built in mounting bracket for the possible installation of a spark generator electrode. These burners can be purchased for use with either NG or LP gas (see option window above) and are for low, regulated pressure. Nat Gas is typically, already low pressure at +/- 7″ WC. Bottle LP (liquid propane) however, will need to be regulated below 11″ WC. Every nozzle has its own gas orifice which is pre-tuned for proper draft and high quality flame with your chosen fuel type.

Both the new Brew-Magic 2X and XL systems utilize this style jet burner.

SABCO jet burners are available in 2 sizes. . . 10 and 20 nozzle. The 20 nozzle is shown on this page.  Find a 10 nozzle version using the link below.

The 10 nozzle is capable of +/- 60,000 btu.  (hot and fast).   It is 5-5/8″ diameter.  2.6 lbs. Gas pipe connection is 3/8″ NPT.

The 20 nozzle burner shown is rated at +/- 120,000 btu. It is 8″ diameter. 4.6 lbs and has 2 types of built in brackets for adapting igniters. Gas pipe connection is 1/2″ NPT.

Be advised that these burners are not suggested as replacements for existing Brew-Magic V350 System burners without careful adjustment of the system’s gas plumbing to allow proper distance of the flame to each kettle.  Also be advised that extreme care should be given to the amount of heat applied during brewing to avoid scorching wort and/or possibly damaging the frame or surrounding equipment. Be safe!

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Nat Gas, Propane


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