RIMS Wizard System™


Dramatically improve your Mash kettle by employing Brew-Magic RIMS (recirculation) technologies. RIMS-Wizard will quickly add efficiency, perfect temp. control, and eliminate the inconsistencies that make repeatability nearly impossible for even advanced home-brewers. Take a look!



RIMS-Wizard, simply stated, is an enormous upgrade for any 3 vessel brewing system. It utilizes Brew-Magic technologies to create a perfectly managed RIMS (recirculating) environment for your Mash kettle. So of course we already know your next question. . . namely . . . How do we define “perfectly managed.”  Here’s why your skill level will dramatically improve along with your repeatability:

  • The heat layering effect of bottom burners will be eliminated.  No more stratification.
  • As a result . . . Your desired Mash temperature shall be uniformly the same from top to bottom.
  • You’ll nail your target temperature within 1/2 degree F. and hold it there for as long as you wish
  • RIMS recirculation prevents caramelization by moving the wort gently without aeration
  • Electronically controlled heat means you can turn off your mash burner quickly and save fuel
  • RIMS recirculation is the most efficient and repeatable brewing method.

SABCO introduced RIMS methodology back in the early 1990’s with the Brew-Magic System. Since that time it has revolutionized pilot recipe development. RIMS technique is currently used by the largest and smallest brewers globally.

RIMS-Wizard will likewise revolutionize your product quality. The difference is quite amazing. Plus you’ll get to repeat your recipe exactly. So how do we define “perfectly managed” mashing?

  • Perfect temp control
  • Eliminate inconsistent brewer stirring effects
  • Eliminate heat layering, caramelization and aeration effects
  • Now add convenience, CIP cleaning, portability, and fuel savings and we think you’ll figure out why it’s called RIMS-Wizard!

  • Portable, ‘carry-handle’ convenience at only 23 lbs.
  • Dimensions only:  18″ wide, 15″ tall and 10.5″ depth. 
  • Low-wattage electronic heat. No fuel gas pulsing necessary. 
  • On-board, magnetic-centrifugal, high temp pump (with SS housing)
  • Class A, RTD temp probe
  • Industrial temp controller. (target and current temp. readout)
  • Independent pump and heat controls
  • Full CIP (clean-in-place) capability.
  • SS sanitary connections and plumbing.
  • Choose from either USA 115 Volt, or Euro 220 Volt versions.  
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is built in for wet condition safety. ( see photo ) 


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