March 815 Pump with GFCI safety


The multi-use brewer pump with added safety features and rugged stainless housing.

This is the March 815 High Temp model and comes with built in bracket, 38″ cord, and a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for your safety.  It has a slightly larger impeller and magnet than the standard wort pump so it tends to prime easier and avoid cavitation.  Rugged and safe!


The RIMS-Pro pump is perfect for ‘All-Temperature’ wort handling . The best for homebrew equipment!

This is the latest March 815 High Temp pump with an all stainless housing and mounting bracket.  A must for rugged handling.  SABCO adds a superb GFCI (Ground Fault interrupter  circuit for your safety.  A must for wet conditions like brewing!

1/25th horse, 115V, Magnetic Drive, Ryton impeller and encapsulated ceramic magnet. Ceramic shaft and thrust bearings. Viton O’ring gasket, 316 stainless steel hardware. Open fan cooled.  Rated for 250 deg. F and perfect for moving wort at any brewing temperature from your kettle,  through a chiller, or on to any fermenter.    This is a ‘Do-All’ pump with a very long history of success.

For 230V version of this pump,  contact Sabco:

The 38″ cord is pre-wired to the pump and finally ‘hard-wired with a water resistant connection directly to the GFCI.  Plug it directly into a wall receptacle for safe, shock resistant service.


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