RIMS – Heat Chamber


Many home brewers “re-invent” the RIMS heat chamber every year. On the other hand, SABCO has developed and perfected it ever since we introduced the very first RIMS system “Brew-Magic” way back in 1990.

Take a look at the Brew-Magic design and the reasons why it won’t pay to “re-invent” perfection.



Anyone with some stainless pipe, a few fittings and some teflon tape can cut threads and throw together a simple tube heat exchanger. This is the easy part. Unfortunately, for brewing purposes, this approach is at best a poor idea. Even the original brewing-scientist designer team for Brew-Magic spent 5 years in its development. Let’s compare!

Take a moment to count the threads on your favorite alternate design. Now please imagine that you can take a walk through the chamber and look around for places where bacteria, burnt materials, and layers of protein can build up and survive your cleaning process. If a surface is less than smooth, such debris can easily build upon itself to make it nearly impossible to effectively clean. Now please imagine having to disassemble the unit each time you clean it. Lesson number one in any brewing course is sanitation. Otherwise, repeatability is quickly lost along with quality.

Now count all the threads on the Brew-Magic RIMS heat chamber in the photo above. Didn’t find any yet? A simple bottle brush will clean the jet smooth inner surfaces. All is sanitary welded and designed for connection to your equally sanitary heating element. (see below)

Is it cheaper to get some pipe and re-invent this item? You bet!

But whatever that difference, you may determine later on that you’ve paid the price in several other ways.

304 Stainless, 15.13″L, 1.38″ID, 1.5″Tri-Clamp connection. Wort in/out tubing 0.5″OD.




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