Pump-Priming Bleeder Valve


This solid stainless bleeder valve does a fantastic job of priming the most stubborn magnetic drive, centrifugal pump.  Choose from two versions: tri-clamp or straight tube connection.



If you have a sanitary 1/2″ or 3/4″ tri-clamp valve from your boil kettle, use the Tri-Clamp bleeder valve type and connect your pump hose to the lower elbow tubing of the bleeder.

Use the bleeder vent to remove trapped air in the pump’s inlet hosing. Priming of any magnetic drive pump is quick and easy with this simple device.

All sanitary weld smooth by Sabco. Instructions included.

Sabco’s Bleeder Valve is included with the current version Chill-Wizard. For those with previous models or anyone with a centrifugal pump, this is a great tool.

Choose from two different Boil kettle connection types: 1/2″ Tri-clamp (as shown in photo) and straight 1/2″ID hose which does not have the TC ferrule on the end.

Looking for heat resistant hosing?  Choose pure silicone.  See below.

Additional information

Choose Connection Type:

1/2" Hose Connect, Tri-Clamp Connect


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