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For years SABCO has received requests from both HB and Craft customers to produce a 1/6 (5 gal.) keg design that was both convenient to clean and yet fully compatible with the American Sankey, beer-industry standard. Their biggest issue is totally understandable . . .

5 gal. Corneys work, but are a pain in the neck to work with in several ways!

  • Many owners don’t realize that if you don’t remove the valves during the inverted cleaning of ball-lock vessels, the detergents and debris can enter both valve dip tubes. Bottom line is to pressure clean then rinse the tank along with both valves simultaneously. If you clean the tank first followed by the valves… you repeat the cycle of risk once again.
  • Ball-lock valves have multiple, very small internal parts that harbor bacteria and debris. Plus, they get lost easily.
  • Valves are not compatible with the Sankey couplers found in standard kegs and in most all kegerators.
  • Valve replacement parts have several brand design differences which can get confusing and difficult to find.
  • Dismantling valves, dip-tubes, o’rings and lids for separate cleaning is cumbersome to say the least.
  • Pro-Brewers wishing to deliver samples to customers prefer valve system compatibility with competitor kegs.
  • American Beer industry recognizes volume based upon the barrel (1/2, 1/4, 1/6). Bev and beer equipment is deliberately not compatible in order to avoid beer and beverage-line cross-contamination.

SABCO is pleased to now offer the PUBJUG ! . . .  

This is a 1/6 bbl. keg with a dramatically easier to use HB style cleanability while maintaining Craft Brewer and customer compatability with the current standard American Sankey (D-Type) coupler. Here’s the features:

  • 1/6 BBL. (5.16 gal), SS keg.  (USA standard +/- 5.23 gal. capacity)
  • 4″ Tri-Clamp, sanitary upper port with hex coupler, tamper resistant closure.
  • Micromatic or DSI drop-in, D-System valve
  • 60 psi, pull-ring PRV valve with sanitary O’ring closure. Beer does not touch threads.
  • Total extraction of the valve / PRV assembly for cleaning by easy removal of the 4″ TC cap. The entire valve assembly (spear, cap, PRV) can be taken directly to your sanitizer bath for cleanup with clamp & O’ring.
  • Simple upside down, manual or automated clean out.
  • Use any hex tool to snug clamp nut and prevent tampering
  • Quality and 5 yr. warranty by SABCO

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