PubJug by Sabco


Say goodbye to Corneys!

Finally… A 5-gallon serving keg that’s economical, easy to clean and compatible with North American Sankey equipment.

This is a 1/6 barrel keg with a North American Sankey valve and spear installed in a 4″ tri-clamp cap.

Homebrewers can easily clean these kegs without sacrificing sanitary fittings. Slightly more expensive than Corney kegs but with lots of features:

  • 1/6 bbl (5.16 gal) stainless steel keg
  • 4″ tri-clamp, sanitary cap with tamper resistant closure for safety
  • Includes drop-in, Sankey D-system valve
  • 60 psi, pull-ring pressure relief valve with sanitary o-ring closure so beer does not touch threads
  • Easy to extract the valve and PRV assembly for cleaning – the entire valve assembly can be taken directly to your sink for cleanup
  • Simple upside down, manual or automated clean out

Everyone needs a few PubJugs. They are great for bars and restaurants serving many different beverages:

  • Cold-brew coffee
  • Signature cocktails and margaritas in restaurants and bars
  • Wine
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Homebrewers love Corney kegs but many do not realize the drawbacks.

  • If you don’t remove the valves during the inverted cleaning of ball-lock vessels, detergents and debris can enter both valve dip tubes.
  • Truly sanitary cleaning requires you to pressure clean then rinse the tank along with both valves simultaneously. If you clean the tank first followed by the valves you aren’t really as sanitary as you think.
  • Ball-lock valves have lots of very small internal parts that harbor bacteria and debris.
  • Valves are not compatible with the Sankey couplers found in standard kegs and in most kegerators.
  • Valve replacement parts vary from brand to brand which can get confusing and difficult to find.
  • Dismantling valves, dip-tubes, o-rings and lids for separate cleaning is cumbersome.

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