Portable GFCI Switch



The Portable GFCI switch device works by measuring the current leaving the hot side of the power source and comparing it to the current returning to the neutral side. If they are not equal, this means that some of the current is flowing along an unintended path, and the GFCI shuts the power off.  When the problem is corrected, the GFCI can manually be reset by pushing the reset button. There is also a test button that can be used to verify that the GFCI works.

SABCO’s portable GFCI can be installed on the end of any portable 120V, 15 amp. 3 wire device such as the Chill-Wizard, RIMS-Wizard or small 120V brewers pump.

Meets UL, CSA, NEC and OSHA requirements for temporary wiring. Proven rain proof design.

Sold with American grounded, 3 prong plug type only.


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