LP to NG Conversion Kit – CSA


This conversion kit is for use with Brew-Magics which are CSA certified and have been designed for use with low-pressure, banjo style burners only.  This is not for use with the the 2X model Brew-Magic which uses jet style burners. It is also not for use with high-pressure systems. The low-pressure, appliance-rated regulator is specific for this conversion and must be used. Likewise, the orifices included with this conversion kit, must replace your current LP type orifices. Quick connector and 10 foot NG-rated hosing is included per the photo / diagram.


Choose the LP to NG kit that works with your design plumbing.  Observe the two inset photos.

One of these photos demonstrates an elbow shaped orifice  on the front of the large boil kettle burner.

The other photo demonstrates a straight shaped orifice on the front of the boil kettle burner which is found on models after August 2014.

Be sure to choose the correct option when ordering above.

Additional information

Boil Orifice Design

NP1035_With Elbow orifice, NP1035_With Straight orifice


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