Kettle Lid


This stainless-steel lid is not common. It’s the best looking and smartest available. SABCO recommends this design because of its unique bottom edge. Rising steam from the kettle that condenses on the upper lid surface is neatly rolled back into the kettle rather than down the side as with other lid designs. This lid will pretty up any kettle with a 12″ opening.


Suggestion: For safety when boiling liquids, it’s smart not to use a lid so that you can keep an eye on the bubbling action and avoid overflow.

Size: 12″ diameter. Perfect for the entire line of great SABCO kettles.

The nicest lid that we’ve found. Simply beautiful!

Polished, mirror finish stainless with a great heat protective knob.

A great lid for great looking systems. Note the inset photo of the Pro-Brewer by SABCO

We wait patiently for these but they’re worth the wait.

NOW in stock.


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