Keg Valve Lock-Rings


Use these spiral, stainless steel lock rings to secure a Micromatic design valve into the D System, drop-in Sankey neck.  Keep extras on the shelf so that your kegs stay in service.


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Use these stainless lock rings, also referred to as ‘snap-rings’ or ‘retaining’ rings, to secure a Micromatic “drop-in” type, American keg-valve into a matching keg neck bushing. These rings are specifically designed to fit certain valve types.  Do not substitute them for other designs!  Valves are under keg pressure and must be properly secured within the keg neck for safety.

These are Stainless-steel, spiral, retaining (lock) rings for use with and approved by Micromatic for specific ‘drop-in’ type keg valves.

Remove and install using a valve removal tool and lock ring knife.  (Also available on this website)

Package of 25 rings.



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