Keg Modification

SABCO modifies kegs all the time.  Standard kegs oftentimes need specific, out of the ordinary services in order to meet the needs of our customers.  Contact us with your customizing, or unusual repair projects.  Odds-are, we’ve done it before.  If not, we’re up for the challenge!


Back in 1961 SABCO was the first company to meet federal standards for keg reconditioning.  SABCO didn’t simply clean & test brewer’s stainless bung-style kegs but rather completely ‘reconditioned’ and ‘fully restored’ them.   Kegs were literally disassembeled at the horizontal weld.  Once in two pieces, repairs were made not only on the outside but also on the inside surfaces as well where structural reinforcement was necessary to strengthen cracked bung plate areas.  Brewers who thought that pin-leaks could be easily fixed with a weld torch, soon discovered less than sanitary bacteria traps within.  SABCO, working from the inside, could remedy these mistakes.  Kegs were then re-assembled using automatic turn tables that assured pristine, sanitary interior welds.   The entire vessel was acid pickled to refresh the new keg, original luster.   Our customers often mistook our refinished kegs for new ones!

During this time and well through the 1970′s,  because of SABCO’s unique abilities,  we were on the receiving end of problem kegs that needed new, replacement valve bushings due to incurred damages.  Kegs of all types were serviced.  ( Golden Gate, Hoff-Stevens, Perlick, Lee, Hoover, etc. ).  Most all large brewer customers would only allow SABCO to decide if a keg were to be sent to the scrap yard.  This was simply due to the fact that we would fully restore over 99% of what was previously considered useless scrap.   For obvious reasons,  SABCO was not on the favored lists of the new keg manufacturers of the time.

Today,  SABCO employs modern equipment and well established techniques to handle many common keg renovations.  We have removed and applied new keg skirting,  created alternate design pressure vessels,  produced kettles, brewing, fermentation, and storage equipment for the brewing, wine, food and agricultural industries.

When it comes to keg modifications,  it’s pretty tough to beat 50 years of experience!

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