Keg Coupler Thread Hose Barbs


This coupler nut, gasket and tailpiece combination can be attached to any US Micromatic keg coupler. It will fit either the gas or beer side thread. Choose the size you need below. Each kit will contain the barb of your choice along with the standard keg coupler nut and gasket.


Standard US couplers (tappers) deliberately use a special thread size so that tap connections cannot accidentally be confused with other brew-house equipment. Typically, the CO2 side uses a 3/8″ OD tailpiece-barb. This size gas hosing with 3/8″ ID matches up with the barbs on the outlets of most regulators. For the beer side of the coupler, most often a 1/2″ OD tailpiece-barb is used. Use 1/2″ ID reinforced hose, or other bev. hosing for this purpose.

Select either 1/2″ or 3/8″.

SABCO chooses brewer’s hardware which is designed for heavy duty handling in the professional brewing environment. Always choose genuine SABCO parts!


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