March 815 High Temperature Pumps


SABCO’s Brew-Magic System now utilizes the March 815 SS. This incorporates a solid stainless housing and eliminates past issues with more delicate plastic housings which are less rugged.  Rated at 250F. Extensively tested for its’ non-damaging, wort moving characteristics. Larger magnet and impeller design makes priming easier with improved flow-rate. Other pump designs can damage or whip air into brewer’s wort.  Choose the correct voltage configuration to match your specific needs or device model.


This pump is currently used with SABCO’s Brew-Magic and RIMS-PRO Systems.  It’s also interchangeable with Chill-Wizard. Now with a solid stainless housing, it’s the most rugged of the March high temp pumps and eliminates delicate plastic housings. Use it for multiple homebrew applications that require movement of brewer’s wort at most any temperature.   The best for your Brew-Magic and homebrew equipment!

Model: March Pumps 815 SS.  This is a 1/25th horse, Magnetic Drive, Stainless pump housing with Ryton impeller and encapsulated ceramic magnet. Ceramic shaft and thrust bearings. Viton O’ring gasket, 316 stainless steel hardware. Open fan cooled and has a built in mounting bracket.  Rated for 250 deg. F and perfect for moving boiling wort from your kettle,  through your chiller and on to any fermenter.

Cord length is 38″ and does not include a plug since most brewers tend to hard wire this unit to an existing device,  or attach our recommended GFCI plug ( sold separately and shown in the attached photo below ).  If you’d prefer that we do the wiring for you, choose the RIMS-PRO pump which is also shown in a photo below.  Any way you choose it, the High Temp pump is a ‘Do-All’ pump with a very long history of success and thousands sold.

Since this pump is most commonly hard wired to SABCO equipment, this pump does not include a plug. Also available with GFCI plug outlet for safety. See below.




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