Heating Element – Threaded


One of the very first design goals for the Brew-Magic Brewing System over 20 years ago, was to assure the elimination of possible caramelization effects caused by wort coming in contact with heated surfaces. Be advised that this concern was eliminated completely by the designers with the 2nd of their four prototypes.  The sight of any heating element however, quickly raises this concern even today.  Wort can caramelize over any heated surface, not just a heating element. A burner under a kettle will do the same thing quite nicely if the wort is not in constant motion near the heated area. With this in mind,  most all small batch brewers stir the mash with a large paddle creating huge variables that greatly reduce the chances for repeatability.


The recirculating action of the Brew-Magic system along with a smart controller and this excellent heating element has eliminated the concern of caramelization and the variable of stirring as well.

Brew-Magic utilizes only a portion of these element”s capabilities in order to deliver low wattage with a lot of surface area. This results in clean, flavorful wort with no damage due to scorching. Expect less build up as well which translates into easier clean-up!

Minimum internal chamber length is 13-7/8″. Very early model units had chambers which were slightly shorter. Call if you have questions. 419-531-5347


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