Heating Element – Tri-Clamp Stainless


Designed to fit with the Brew-Magic RIMS Heat Chamber. Use this stainless heating element for all Brew-Magic Systems with tri-clamp design heat exchangers. This element is easy to clean, has a large surface area, and is also tri-clamp equipped for easy detachment and re-mounting. Comes with easy-clean electric quick-connects.


SABCO’s heating elements are custom designed for low wattage to assure zero wort damage capability. That means no caramelization is possible when installed into the Brew-Magic heat chamber and used according to RIMS methodology. This is a laboratory tested fact!  SABCO also includes pre-wiring and a safety-smart, quick-disconnect for your convenience.  Both male and female plug assemblies make easy disconnections for cleaning.  Simply detach the wires from your previous element and connect them to one side of the quick disconnect plug.

Make sure that you currently use the tri-clamp version, stainless heating element and chamber.  Older model systems may use a threaded heating element that you can also find in the Brew-Magic Parts section of this store.

See below for chamber information.

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Weight 1 lbs


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