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The most expensive kegs that you own are the ones which are out of service.  Consider SABCO for all of your kegging needs.



Many brewers make a fatal assumption that their expensive keg cleaning automation is doing its job.

‘Complacency’… is one of the most unfortunate consequences of owning a closed system vessel.   One could say that ‘Out of Sight is out of Mind.’    In this case it could also, eventually mean ‘Out of Business’ as well!

Most all brewers realize that a closed system vessel which is cleaned with the correct chemicals and aggressive sanitation techniques,  should be rendered usable and properly prepared for filling.   Far too few brewers take the necessary precautions to assure that their automation or manual procedure,  is doing the effective job that they ‘think’ that it’s doing.   Complacency in this regard has been proven time and again to be an expensive and potentially fatal mistake when it comes to keg usage.

The largest brewers in the country with the most expensive keg cleaning equipment,  have fallen into the comfort zone created by steam sanitation.  Steam does a fine job in killing everything in the keg.  Brewers realize that even though fine layers of protein deposits may not have been entirely removed by the use of stainless design, caustic detergents,  their beer will still remain infection free with the use of bacteria killing steam.  Even if there was a pound of ‘sludge’ in a vessel,  not one bacteria would survive steam cleaning if the internal temperature of the vessel was held at the proper level for the proper time period.

Though certainly a comforting thought that your beer will not be infected,  it’s easy to forget that the sludge remains…. out of sight,  and too often out of mind.As the layers of residual deposits begin to form,  the keg progressively becomes more and more difficult to clean.  Steam can literally bake the layers into the surface.  Oftentimes, calcium oxylate ( beer stone ) appears as a yellow haze on the surface of the steel.  Typically,, only an aggressive acid treatment can remove this difficult,  ‘stone’ like coating.

Consider starting a keg maintenance program that regularly inspects, cleans and tests your kegs. SABCO will not charge you for services that are not required. We can clean, dedent, remove embossings, re-label and test each keg and make them ready for another period of rugged use, with our warranty. Full valve services are also available as needed.

Choose the services you prefer or simply allow SABCO to join your team and make these decisions for you based upon your requirements.  We have worked for both the largest and smallest brewers nationwide who have made the decision to remain in the beer making business rather than the keg reconditioning business. Quality assurance depends on this decision.

Don’t become complacent with the kegs that you rely upon to deliver your products to your customers.

Act now! We can help.   Contact SABCO.  419-531-5347, or email :


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