This Dual Regulator allows you to use one CO2 bottle and deliver 2 different pressure levels.

Sabco recommends the Dual Regulator for filling kegs because you can use one pressure to move beer and simultaneously apply lower pressure to the head space in the keg. This keeps foaming to a minimum and lets you fill your keg more efficiently without giving up on the closed transfer.

The Dual Regulator is designed for use with American bottle gas systems with the standard high-pressure threaded outlet. It is incompatible with most other gas bottles and you’ll have a very hard time finding an adapter. Trust us on this one.

The assembly includes:

  • High quality regulator with two independent controls
  • Two reinforced hoses, each 6 feet long
  • The end of one hose comes with a tri-clamp adapter so you can easily connect to your Sabco Fermenter gas port
  • The end of the other hose connects directly to the gas side of the coupler on your Sabco Bright vessel