Dual Regulator Assembly


SABCO’s Dual “Step-Down” regulator is ideal for using the same CO2 source to deliver different pressures to two different target vessels.  Use the first gauge to apply pressure to move product from your source vessel while using the second gauge to apply back pressure to your target vessel.


A perfect example of this is for “pushing” the contents of a pressurized fermenter possibly through an inline filter,  then into a keg or other pressurized vessel. In this case you can “push” with a higher pressure and at the same time, apply a lessor “back-fill” pressure to the target vessel. By doing so, you will keep the product in a closed-system environment and at the same time help to prevent foaming of the product as it enters the target vessel from the bottom-up.

Warning :  This dual regulator is designed for use with American bottle gas systems only, with USA standard high pressure threaded outlet.   ( CGA320 tank, .825 diameter, 14 threads/in. , National Gas Outlet/Right Hand Thread/External ).     Do not import for use out of North America.

  • This Assembly includes:
  • An excellent dual regulator with two, independent ball-valve controls
  • Two matching 6 ft. long,  3/8″ ID, FDA reinforced hoses to connect both the source and target vessels
  • The end of the primary pressure hose is equipped with 1/2″-3/4″ Tri-Clamp adapter to easily connect to the SABCO fermenter TC gas port.
  • The end of the secondary pressure hose connects directly to the gas side of the coupler on your SABCO bright vessel.
  • One stainless hose clamp


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