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Chill-Wizard is a remarkable chilling ‘System’ that includes several components in logical, sequential order that allows for CIP (clean-in-place) simplicity, semi-automation and high efficiency. Perfect for any serious brewer!  This is a great tool with brief-case style portability and ease of storage.  Choose between American 115 volt or Euro 220 volt version below.

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Introducing Brew-Magic Chill-Wizard®  by SABCO.  Not just a ‘Chiller’… but rather a ‘Wort Chill System’

Here’s the most common complaints and requests from brewers regarding wort chillers:

  • Plate-Chillers are difficult to clean because of their closed design.
  • Flow rate should be adjustable to compensate for ever changing cooling water temperature.
  • Brewers need accurate feedback regarding chiller efficiency as they use it.
  • Desire to inject pure Oxygen into the wort flow.
  • The need for a pump to push wort through a filter and on to a fermenter.  More cleaning right?
  • How about a temp. gauge to determine outbound wort temperature?
  • Assembly and break down for cleaning every component.
  • CLEAN-IN-PLACE’ (CIP) capability.

Most all brewers employ several components in sequence in order to chill wort and prepare it for the fermenter. These components include hosing, pump, ball-valves, plate chiller or counterflow, temp. gauge, oxygen diffusion apparatus with stone, etc. etc.   Virtually all wort-chillers currently sold only include the chiller itself and brewers must purchase, assemble, then connect, each component prior to use.  Then when done,  each in turn must be disconnected, oftentimes disassembled and then cleaned separately. Not so with Chill-Wizard by SABCO!

Chill-Wizard is a complete portable chilling ‘system’  that includes all of the above mentioned components in a logical, sequential order that allows for CIP  ( clean-in-place ) simplicity and semi-automation.   This is truly a remarkable tool with ‘carry-handle’ ease of storage. Boiling wort is directed to a high temperature design, magnetic drive pump with an all stainless pump housing. An inline ball-valve will allow the user to restrict the flow of wort through a highly efficient, stainless plate chiller.  Standard American thread, garden hose connections are used to move cooling water to the heat exchanger, and then discharge the water to your drain.

By restricting the wort flow,  the brewer gains the best efficiency for the cooling water, and is able to observe the outlet wort temperature via the Chill-Wizard’s installed dial thermometer. Cool wort joins the Chill-Wizard’s inline,  0.5 ( 1/2 ) micron oxygen diffusion stone. This sanitary TC device ( see photos ) is simply tri-clamped onto the upper TC plumbing.  Use your source of O2 to nicely infuse a foam layer of pure oxygen into the wort, prior to making its way to your clean fermenter.  On the 115 volt version of Chill-Wizard, you’ll also find a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) for your safety.

Here’s the best part… You’re able to clean all of the above components,  all at the same time!   Connect your kettle-full of hot detergent to the Chill-Wizard and simply turning the unit’s pump on.  Direct the outlet flow back to the kettle and allow to circulate while you attend to other tasks. Do the same thing with rinse water, drain,  and put the unit on the shelf for your next session.   That’s it! Chill-Wizard is now even smarter!   Notice that sanitary smooth, tri-clamp connections along with sanitary welded stainless tubing are utilized throughout the unit.  Would you like to backwash the plate chiller?  Watch the above video. ( model upgrades or design improvements may occur without notice.) 


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