Carb. ‘Wand’ by SABCO


Here’s the best way to carbonate using your SABCO Bright vessels.   This is also the best way to turn your current SABCO fermenters into ‘double-duty’ vessels!


Introducing an elegant way to carbonate your beer in either the SABCO Bright or the SABCO Fermenter.

Using the SABCO Bright vessel, simply slide the Carb Wand directly into the 3/4″ Tri-Clamp port on the top dome.  Attach any pressure bottle of CO2  and apply a small amount of regulated pressure to create nice foamy bubbles. The 0.5 Micron Sintered stainless stone will beautifully infuse your beer or beverage with your desired volumes of  CO2 within 24 hours.  Use the attached shut-off valve to easily disconnect your bottle when done.

For older model SABCO Fermenters (with no TC port on the cap),  SABCO now offers an alternate 4″ Tri-Clamp cap which may be purchased for your existing SABCO fermenter.  (sold separately).  Like the SABCO Bright, slide the Carb Wand directly into the heart of the Fermenter.  The wand locates the bubbles above your yeast slurry.  That means that you can have a multi-use fermenter without having to transfer to a bright-beer tank.

With both applications, we also suggest that you attach the ‘Dirty-Valve’ on the top of your vessel.  This will allow you to monitor the pressure as your product absorbs it.  Simply attach the gauge to any keg coupler or one of the fermenter boss fittings.

All stainless, with convenient shut-off valve and brass 5/16″ barb. Uses 3/4″ TC ferrule, gasket and clamp already installed on new model SABCO Bright Vessels, or the newly available  Carb-Wand lid for your SABCO fermenters.



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