Fermenter 4″ Tri-Clamp Cap


Upgrade your SABCO fermenters to the latest sanitary design!


SABCO chooses brewer’s hardware which is designed for heavy duty handling in the professional brewing environment.

This 4″ Tri-Clamp cap will upgrade any older version fermenter to the latest sanitary design. It is the same cap currently in service on all SABCO fermenters. Note that two sanitary ports are available for easy access. Both utilize 1/2″ Tri-clamp (TC) closures. The SABCO fermenter uses one in combination with a TC elbow and sanitary valve to act as a blow-off valve or O2 inlet. The other can be used to quickly install the SABCO Carb Wand for those who wish to apply 0.5 micron O2 or CO2 to the product. By doing so, a fermenter can serve as a bright conditioning / carbonation vessel as well. This installation places the carb wand directly into the heart of your vessel above the yeast slurry. Also check out our “Dirty Gauge” which may be connected via TC for quick pressure checks when needed.

This 4″, all 304SS cap also includes two 1/2″ Tri-Clamps, with two 1/2″ caps and two 1/2″ TC buna gaskets.


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