Broken V350 Screen Repair


Broken screen?  It happens to the best of us!

Whether you backed into it, dropped something heavy on it, or simply decided to push hard rather than “touch” the screen,  yes indeed it’s very possible to shatter the V350 controller screen.

Unitronics makes this controller to meet industrial standards for ruggedness. Such rare events could never be covered under warranty since normal wear and tear issues cannot be controlled by the manufacturer.  In the past, the owner would unfortunately have little choice but to purchase a new $800+ controller and throw the other one away. Due to the large quantity of these units purchased by SABCO, Unitronics now allows us to replace a V350 Brew-Magic screen with their approved alternate. This is now possible for a comparatively very low price and is exclusively offered to Brew-Magic owners with installed Magic-Soft programming only.

The transformation is complicated enough that it needs to be done here at SABCO.  Find  the easy instructions below to forward your unit to SABCO.  We’ll turn it around for you within 1-2 business days and get you back to brewing!

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Removing the old V350 controller is not complicated but does require a bit of surgery on your part too.  Here’s how to do it….

>Unplug the system

>Open the panel enclosure box

>The controller is in the upper left corner and has wires going to the top and bottom of the unit.

>All wires can be detached from the controller by simply unplugging the upper and lower terminal strip.  The terminal strips are the green strips of plastic that the wires are inserted into.

>Don’t detach the wires from the strips.  Keep them all together.

>Rock one of the green plastic terminal strips back and forth with your fingers to slowly unplug the entire strip from the controller unit.  If it doesn’t want to move,  you can also take a fine blade screw driver to help pry it upwards and away from the controller.  Please be careful as plastic can crack with too much pressure.

>Remove both the upper and lower green strips and let them hang there with the wires still attached to each.                                                                                                                                    >Now notice one more cable which is plugged into an ethernet or comm port on the back side of the controller.  This plug/port is similar to a phone jack and snaps into its socket. Disconnect and allow the cord to hang down inside the panel box.

>The controller is held to the panel enclosure with two clips.  Each clip is secured with a screw.

>One of the clips is visible and can be easily removed from the controller with a small screw driver.    Watch how you do this because the other clip is hidden on the other side of the controller.

>You will have to use your fingers and a bit of ‘fishing’ to unscrew the other clip.   Keep in mind that you will need to put this back in place later.

>Once both clips are removed,  you can extract the entire controller out from the exterior side of the enclosure box.

>Wrap it with bubble wrap carefully for safe shipment.

>Put it into a secure box and ship via UPS ground ( insured for $800 ) to the following address:


4511 South Ave

Toledo, OH  43615

Attn: Service Dept


>Be sure to include your return address and information in the box.  Freight rate is quoted for return freight and insurance only.


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