Sight Glass Tubes – Brew-Magic


These are the durable, shatterproof polycarbonate tubes that are specifically designed for use with Brew-Magic Boil and Sparge kettles, as well as SABCO’s professional line kettles. The connecting tri-clamp ferrule on these kettles has been precisely located for clear and accurate display of kettle volume. Calibrations on the tubes are both in gallons and liters.


The perfect sight glass — Safe, Shatterproof, and Reliable.

You will receive a set of two replacement tubes, two calibration labels, and two black cap for each.  ( See inset photo )   Each tube shall have a pre-installed 1/2″ Tri-Clamp ferrule to connect to the SABCO sight glass elbow.  Since all kettles vary slightly from one another due to typical manufacturing tolerances, the precise location of calibration labels are easily installed by the user. Simply pour precisely 10 gal. water into a kettle, mark the clear tube at this level, then position the calibration label to match.

Package of two tubes per kit.



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