Original Brew-Magic Pump


Find this efficient pump in earlier model Brew-Magic Systems.  Choose from two available voltages below.   The inlet and outlet on this pump are positioned specifically to match the original Brew-Magic System plumbing.  Current model pumps have a different pump housing and may not work with your system.  Compare this with the High Temperature pump also found in the SABCO store.  See link below.  Contact SABCO with questions.




The 115V  Brew-Magic pump used on the system’s early models is made by Little Giant.  The original 230V system pump is made by March Pumps.  You’ll find either in the vast majority of  these systems.  Both are a 1/25th horse, Magnetic Drive, with 316 stainless steel hardware, cord and plug (USA only).  Open fan cooled.  Rated for 200 deg. F and perfect for circulating HLT sparge and wort while mashing.  Not suggested for moving boiling wort through a chiller.

Each of these pumps (115v or 230v) have different manufacturers, however the configuration, performance and durability is the same.  Find the option button above to choose which voltage type is correct for your Brew-Magic System.

Newer models of both the 115V and 230V versions of  Brew-Magic after 2013 incorporate the March 815HS pump which has a different inlet/outlet configuration.  The March 815HS is also available on this website.  If you’re replacing an existing pump, be sure to compare the inlet/outlet directions of both of these designs.

For international shipments of the 230V version, contact Sabco for freight costing information:  office@kegs.com

This pump is used with the Brew-Magic System. It should also be seriously considered in other homebrew applications that require movement of brewer’s wort.

The best for your Brew-Magic and homebrew equipment!


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