Brew-Magic Programming Upgrade – MagicSoft Version 4.0


The latest upgrade to the Brew-Magic V350 ‘MagicSoft’ technology has arrived!

Be sure to read below about the great new features for the already amazing V350 touchscreen controller.

These include: Wireless connectivity with Mac or PC, and virtually all of your remote devices.

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Our latest Version 4.0 has newly created features that we’re sure you will enjoy.  The program itself is designed to be even more intuitive and easy to navigate.

  • Navigation is simple and quick using the convenient arrow keys
  • Brew with or without a recipe
  • Choose a recipe from either onboard memory or removable SD card. Brew a new recipe and save for future use in either memory location
  • Three independent Recipe Guidebooks;   a) Ingredient Checklist, b) Mash Recipe Step-keeping, and c) Boil addition info and time keeping
  • Independent tracking of 3 separate recipe protocols.  Boil the first recipe while mashing a second recipe, etc.
  • On screen status bar of all system activities including pump, heat control management, target and current temps.
  • Logical scroll prompting so that you’ll never lose your way through the program.
  • Graphic display creation of temperature-ramping speed with system prompts to assist in acquiring best repeatable heating technique
  • Time clock brewer assistance with Mash, Sparge, and Boil with hop addition countdown prompting


Control Screen


For even more amazing features add the WiFi component to the Version 4.0 programming!   We’ve enhanced the program with the capability for network recipe sharing, editing and mobile control monitoring.  Allow SABCO to upgrade your Brew-Magic V350MS System with a dedicated Ethernet controller and WiFi adapter.  By doing so you will also become both PC and Mac compatible while discontinuing the need for the previous model’s USB cable outlet.  All program information now becomes wirelessly shared between all of your devices including PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone, or Android … and if you wish … all of your Brew-Magic friends as well.  This is a spectacular upgrade option!


Choose from the three (3) options above.  You may choose the program upgrade alone if you already have a Unitronics formatted SD card installed in your V350,  or purchase the upgrade pre-installed onto a new SD, or request the new WiFi feature.  System owners who have recently purchased a new Brew-Magic within the last 6 months, shall receive the upgrade (Program Only option above) at no cost.

The new program is installed onto a Unitronics formatted SD card. This formatting process is specific to Unitronics. For this reason, other SD card formats will not work.   If you purchased your V350 from SABCO and an SD card was included with your V350, then this card has already been properly formatted. In this case we can send you the upgrade file via email with instructions for uploading it directly onto your existing SD. Check for the SD in the small slot on the side of the V350 within the panel box. If you don’t have one, order the upgrade that includes the SD. We will send it to you with the installed program and simple instructions.  The keys at the bottom of your controller may also change with the new program.  If your ‘soft-keys’ have black and white arrows, you already have the correct version.  Advise if you have colored keys. If so, we will mail a new set to you along with the SD card if you need one.  That’s it!


Recipe Book

If you’d also like to upgrade to the amazing WiFi feature of the program, once again, please choose the correct option above.  You will receive instructions via email.

NOTE: The WiFi upgrade requires that an ‘ethernet’ card be installed into your controller (PLC) by SABCO.  For this reason, you will need to remove and forward the controller to SABCO. Removing the controller from the panel only takes a few minutes and forwarding it to SABCO is easy. SABCO will quickly install the ethernet card, along with the new upgrade program, then return it back to you for re-installation back to your system panel.  Our turn-over time is typically only 1-2 days. You’ll also receive a WiFi adapter, user manual, cable and power outlet to complete the transformation to a wireless Brew-Magic System.  When complete, you can then log into your local network and begin to use any device to find, share and edit your recipes remotely and wirelessly.  This WiFi upgrade will also transform your Brew-Magic into a completely PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad and Android compatible system! Return shipping charge only is added to the WiFi purchase. No shipping charge is applied to the program only, or program with SD options.

For full controller remove/install instructions, we have listed them on the “Broken-Screen” repair page. ( Click Here )

We’re confident that you will enjoy the latest features of the Brew-Magic V350 MagicSoft programming.   Brew with the best!

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