SABCO Fermenter – 15.5 Gal.


Thinking about a conical?  Think again… SABCO’s Tri-Clamp Fermenter is smart, easy to clean, and versatile! To brew your best…use the best equipment!  Just check out these features

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  • Things you need to know about ‘conical’ design fermenters . . .

  • Multiple studies with professional tastings indicate that off flavors from dead yeast begin to occur only after 5-7 weeks in a fermenter
  • Even after 5-7 weeks many tasting judges agree that such flavor changes can actually be beneficial
  • Most all brewers move the beer after 2-3 weeks to conditioning and/or serving vessels to return the fermenter to service
  • Dumping yeast from a conical does not dump all the yeast, but it does cloud your nice clear beer!
  • The use of a racking arm above the settled yeast can easily be employed to remove clear beer without creating yeast haze.
  • Conicals can be cumbersome to clean, often top-heavy and may need casters for easier handling.
  • If you use large fermenters for small batches, you waste space, energy and gain extra cleanup
  • Temperature control most always comes at a higher price.
  • Many HB suppliers claim sanitary welds but then use threaded type valves and bulk-head gasketed fittings. Terrible to clean! Compare with SABCO’s all sanitary designs.

  • Things you need to know about SABCO’s 15.5 Gal. fermenters . . .

  • SABCO’s 15.5 gal. fermenter weighs only 33 lbs. This means easy handling, pyramid stacking and fast cleanup
  • The entire unit is sanitary design for pro-level consistency without using bulk-head style threaded fittings of any kind.
  • All hardware can be removed from this vessel in less than 30 seconds and then easily cleaned in the sink.
  • Simple, over the sink cleanout.  Use sanitizer rinse, or even create some steam on a burner to sterilize the interior
  • Sanitary connections allow pressure driven, atmosphere closed transfers of clear beer via the adjustable racking arm to a target vessel
  • Use CO2 pressure and the racking arm to harvest the yeast slurry to a dedicated container after the clear beer has been transferred.
  • 1-1/2″ TC dial thermometer
  • 4″ Tri-Clamp port with TC clamp, gasket and cap.  TC cap has twin 3/4″ TC outlets. One outlet is equipped with a 1/2″ sanitary elbow and ball-valve. Also included is 36″ of 3/8″ID PVC tubing with TC connector for venting.
  • An additional top dome port can be used for available Carb Stone wand by SABCO
  • Perfect size for a double 5 gal. batch. Max volume suggested @ 13 gal.
  • Vessel dimensions without fittings: 15.5″ Dia. x 24.5″H.  Add 4″ H with top valve. Add 5″ to front with racking valve & gauge.

  • Capability comparison . . .

  • Both have all brewer desired essentials: Sanitary, racking arm, yeast harvest, temp controllable, and closed system transfer.
  • SABCO fermenter is additionally a pressure vessel.
  • It’s single batch convenient, refrigerator sized, easy to clean and handle. In a word “Perfect”.


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