Brew-Magic 2 Barrel Unitanks


Brew-Magic 2 BBL Unitank. Fully jacketed, insulated and CIP. Avoid transfers between vessels, added cleaning chores, risk of infection, and space requirements for both fermenter and bright vessel design types. Includes sight glass, PRV, CIP spray-ball and 1 micron carb. stone assembly. This special design tank is truly universal.




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Brew-Magic 2 Barrel Unitank for both Fermentation and Bright Conditioning.

SABCO’s combination of features serves dual purposes without the need for the added space requirements of both fermenter and bright vessels. Avoid transfers between vessels, added cleaning chores, risk of infection, and space requirements for both vessel design types. Discover the many features included in this special design tank.                                                                                 


  • Height: Size: 5′ 9″T.  Add 15-3/4″ (400mm) for manway clearance.
  • Width: 36.5″W plus CIP plumbing
  • Working Volume 234L (61.8gal),
  • Total Volume 315L (83.2gal)
  • Empty Weight: 136Kg (300lbs)
  • Cylindroconical design (70 deg)
  • 14.5 psig maximum operating pressure
  • Inner surface polish 0.22um,
  • External cladding 304SS with satin polish
  • Top Manway: 350mm (13.8″)
  • Cooling Jacket with 3/4″NPT inlet/outlet.  (Volume 8 Liter)
  • 2″ polyurethane insulation
  • Glycol 36 psi.
  • 1/2″ NPT Female adapted thermowell for automated refrigerant control
  • 3 SS legs with cross-bar reinforcement and SS adjustable height pads
  • CIP detachable, SS spray ball with downtube
  • CIP end spool includes SS pressure gauge (15psi) and gas inlet (1/4″NPT Female)
  • Bottom outlet with 1.5″ SS butterfly valve for yeast cropping
  • Adjustable, rotating arm with 1.5″ SS butterfly valve for beer racking
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve & vacuum breaker. (PRV) Mounted with 1.5″ TC (Tri-Clamp)
  • NOTE:  Includes 1.5″ TC carb port with SS removable 1 micron carb stone assembly (20mm*100mm), 1/4″NPT Female
  • 1,5″ TC sample port with SS sanitary sample valve
  • NOTE: Included flexible silicone sight glass connected to CIP plumbing & bottom outlet using 2x SS 1/4″ ball valves.
  • Warranty: 1 year parts, 3 year structural welding.

Vessel is shipped in a crate and secured onto a pallet.  Freight quoted is for 48 contiguous states only. Possible additional freight may be due and payable prior to shipping for destinations outside of the continental United States. This vessel is custom made with SABCO specifications. Contact SABCO for stock updates.  (419) 531-5347.


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