Band Labels

SABCO produces very high quality labeling specifically designed for stainless kegs.  UV fade resistant, chemical tolerant and automation rugged! Custom logos and colors are available. Depend on SABCO for the most durable keg labeling anywhere!


SABCO has supplied quality keg name labels to the brewing industry for many years.   Long ago,  a simple paint stripe was adequate to help brewers to identify their kegs and also to help as a deterrent to theft.   Today,  brewers are using every tool they can to assure that they get their kegs returned.  The price of stainless has made kegs an easy target and it has become imperative that brewers identify their kegs in bold obvious ways.   SABCO’s labels are bold, clean, smart looking and a tremendous way to identify your kegs quickly.

 SABCO has designed and produced keg labels for some of the biggest brewers in the world.   Most all ‘job-shop’ design labels are not UV protected and will fade quickly with sun exposed outside storage.  Likewise,  the normal movement of kegs in automation can quickly destroy labels that do not have a rugged protective wear coating.  Also,  many adhesives are incorrect types for use with  stainless-steel and tend to cause premature peeling or bubbling of the label and eventual loss.  SABCO adhesive is designed specifically for stainless and actually gets tougher,  the longer it is used.

Keg re-identification is not simply a matter of placing a label on the vessel.  Many older kegs have several owner engravings that may be found on the top dome or bottom.  Embossings may be found in four separate skirt locations.  If the steel is dirty or has beer residuals or old label stickiness, then the new label will not stay on the keg for very long.   SABCO prepares the steel surface by pre-cleaning it for proper adhesion.  Previous residuals must be removed.

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