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  • This is the pump we used on BrewMagic systems for many years but it has been discontinued and we can no longer get them. Our recommended replacement is the March 815 High Temperature Pump.  The motor is identical but the volute is much better. It is rated for high temperature and it's made of stainless steel. The recommended replacement pump will require some plumbing on your part to make the hoses fit. Please be aware this is not a drop-in replacement for very old BrewMagic pumps. To determine which style pump is on your BrewMagic system, take a close look at the arrangement of the hose fittings and compare it to the pictures on this site.
  • 8" Tri-Clamp Buna Gasket. We have surplus inventory of this item so it's marked way down. Price does not include freight. Call or email for a discounted freight quote based upon your total order of this item.
  • This is a package of 3 buna gaskets for tri-clamps. Use these gaskets to fit ferrules with 2" OD. This ferrule size is commonly used with both 1" and 1.5" ID tri-clamp fittings. These are the very same gaskets you will find on BrewMagic equipment with thermometer connections. Sold in packages of 3. For example, ordering quantity of 2 will give you 6 gaskets.
  • This is a package of 3 swivel gaskets. Swivel gaskets allow you to rotate a tri-clamp connection by simply loosening the clamp. The connection will rotate but not leak if you loosen the clamp slightly. Sized for 1/2" tri-clamp connections. Made of FDA hard teflon.
  • This coupler will attach to any US Micromatic keg coupler. It will fit either the gas or beer side. Includes the hose barb, coupler nut and gasket Typically, you will want to choose 3/8" for the gas side and 1/2" for the beer side.
  • This is a swivel adapter to connect a 1/2" hose to any 1/2" male pipe thread (NPT). Use it to connect a hose to the inlet or outlet of a pump with 1/2" MIP inlet or outlet threads. The large grip-style nut makes it easy to snug up the adapter by hand without tools. This eliminates the possibility of damaging the o-ring by over-tightening with a wrench. This also allows an easy disconnect for cleaning. Kit contains one adapter (grip & tailpiece), o-ring, and hose clamp.
  • Close any 1/2" or 3/4" tri-clamp ferrule with this cap. Made of 304 SS. Kit contains:
    • 2 tri-clamp caps
    • 2 buna gaskets
  • Use this barb when you need to connect 3/8" ID hose or tubing to a 1/2" or 3/4" tri-clamp. We use this on our dual regulator to push COinto a fermenter or bright tank.
  • Close any 1.5" tri-clamp ferrule with this clamp. Made of 304 SS. Kit contains:
    • Two 1.5" tri-clamp caps
    • Two 1.5" buna gaskets
  • This kit includes a 4" tri-clamp and a buna gasket. Clamp is solid 304 SS with a heavy-turn bolt.
  • This is a package of 5 buna gaskets for tri-clamps. Choose size 1/2" or 3/4" ID hose sizes below. These are the very same gaskets that you will find on most tri-clamp connections on Sabco equipment.
  • Out of stock
    This is a set of couplers for ball-lock Corney kegs. Two types are available: threaded and barbed. The barb type will fit any standard 1/4" ID tubing. Simply use a hose clamp. The threaded type, though, is easier to disconnect. Couplers are sold in sets of two as shown in the photo. You’ll get the liquid-out and the gas-in coupling.
  • This is a package of 3 buna gaskets for 4" tri-clamps. These are the gaskets Sabco uses on products such as PubJug, Sabco Fermenters and Sabco Bright Vessels Sold in packages of 3. For example, ordering quantity of 2 will give you 6 gaskets.
  • Designed for use with household natural gas pressure this cast-iron banjo style burner will produce approx. 30,000 Btu of heating energy. Perfect for your 10-30 gallon mash tun or outdoor cooking. This unit comes with a standard natural gas orifice but can be exchanged for an LP gas orifice. Choose option above. Be advised that when using bottle LP gas that you will need a regulator that will reduce inlet pressure to approx. 11" WC (water column) for best combustion efficiency.
    • 9.2" overall length without orifice
    • 6" burner diameter
    • 4 lbs. cast iron
    • Bracket screw located on the center back side
    • Orifice has 3/8" brass elbow flared connection to fit most gas supply hosing
    • Variable air-mix vent which is used to tune the incoming air and adjust for the most efficient flame
  • This adapter will help you connect hose to a threaded ball-lock coupler. Better than hose barbs which distort the hose and leave pockets that are very difficult to clean. Use ball-lock couplers, instead. Kit includes the adapter and a stainless steel hose clamp.
  • This is a tri-clamp kit, including 2 clamps and 2 gaskets. Out tri-clamps are heavy-duty and higher quality than a lot of what you'll find out there. Other sizes are available, as well. Look for links below.
  • This braided hose is great. Non-toxic, thick, resists kinks. Suggested only for temperatures between 25° and 175° F. Sold in lengths of 10 feet. For example, ordering quantity of 2 will give you 20 feet of hose.
  • Food-grade 3/8" ID tubing designed for beverage use. Very easy to clean. Not approved for boiling temperatures. Tubing is sold in lengths of 10 ft. Example: to buy 20 feet, order a quantity of 2. Great for use as a blowoff tube on your fermenter.
  • This adapter will fit a 1/2" female NPT connection and convert it to tri-clamp. Easily connect and disconnect hoses once you convert. Adapters are sold individually.
  • This adapter will help you convert the threaded fittings on your pump to sanitary tri-clamp. Once you have converted your pump to tri-clamp fittings you'll be able to easily connect and disconnect your hoses. Package of 1 adapter. We know the picture shows 2 but they are sold individually.
  • This is an adapter to connect a 1/2" hose to any 1/2" female pipe thread (NPT). Kit contains one adapter and one hose clamp.
  • Replacement port gasket for PlatePro. These gaskets come in a package of 2 pieces. For example, ordering quantity 1 will give you 2 gaskets.
  • Replacement start gasket for PlatePro. These are sold in packages of 2. For example, ordering quantity 1 will give you 2 gaskets.
  • This is the replacement PRV for a Sabco Bright Vessel.
    • 60 psi, non-adjustable
    • Made of nickel-plated brass
    • Includes a pull ring for pressure venting
    • 60 PSI,  Non-Adjustable
    • 1/4" MIP thread
    • Overall size =   1.5" x 1/2" + plus ring
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