The Sabco Bright Vessel is a lot of things. It is for conditioning beer, dry hopping, storing beer, carbonating beer and serving beer.

The Sankey valve makes it a perfect keg for serving. Use it under the bar in your tap room or restaurant. Use it in your kegerator at home. The 4″ tri-clamp port makes it easy to clean, too.

Additional features include:

  • Sanitary design, no threads or bulkhead fittings
  • Includes a pressure relief valve (60 psi) with pull-ring so you can vent pressure easily
  • 4″ tri-clamp cap can be easily removed, allowing you to pull the Sankey valve out for cleaning
  • Easily fill straight from your Sabco Fermenter
  • Lightweight, 33 pounds
  • 1/2 bbl keg is certified for correct volume to help you comply with regulations
  • Easy to add a Carb Wand (sold separately) to the 1/2 bbl Sabco Bright
  • Made of 304 SS
  • Vessel has a safety burst disk on the bottom dome for your protection in case of accidental high pressure
  • 1/2″ tri-clamp port included