This is the RTD temperature sensor used on all current BrewMagic systems. It was also used on V350 systems beginning in 2013.

RTD sensors provide accurate temperature data to digital controllers such as those used on BrewMagic systems.

These RTD sensors have the following specifications:

  • Made of 304 SS
  • 100 ohms
  • 3-wire design for increased accuracy
  • 1/4″ diameter
  • 3″ probe length
  • Relief spring at probe to prevent damage
  • 12 feet of armored cable for durability in harsh environments

This RTD (resistance temperature detector) provides accurate and stable information to your V350 Brew-Magic controller.  This will replace the existing one in your Brew-Magic System

If you are purchasing this as a replacement for the temperature sensor on your BrewMagic, please look carefully at what you currently have. If your temperature sensor has 3 wires, purchase this RTD. If your sensor has 2 wires, then you need to replace it with a type-J thermocouple which can also be found on this site.