Sabco Fermenters have a great reputation for ease of use and cleaning. Way easier to lift and move than conicals. Just put it in your refrigerator or chest freezer for cost-effective temperature control. See link below for our thermowell which can replace the thermometer for electronic temperature control.

Features include:

  • 15.5 gallon capacity
  • Sanitary fittings, no threads
  • 4″ tri-clamp port in the top for easy assembly and cleaning
  • Racking arm swivels, making it easy to push clear beer off the top of yeast
  • Sanitary ports in the top for blowoff and applying pressure
  • Blowoff tube included
  • Easy yeast pitching through the top port
  • 3/4″ tri-clamp port for Sabco Carb Wand or suspending hops
  • 3″ thermometer can be removed if you prefer to use a thermowell for digital temperature control
  • No bulk head fittings. You’re too smart for that nonsense.

Please note: The photos show valves that can be disassembled. The valves we currently ship with all Sabco Fermenters cannot be taken apart.