BrewMagic® Presto


Professional-grade beer brewing system for home brewers

BrewMagic Presto is a commercial-grade brewing system for home brewers and aspiring professional brewers. This system will level-up your home brewing skills with tri-clamp fittings, sanitary welds, accurate temperature control and a touchscreen with recipe features.

Brew on any surface with this electric, 3-vessel brewing system. Sabco has perfected RIMS which leaves you with a true, dedicated hot liquor tank so you are ready to clean or mash in a second batch. No scorching, no temperature stratification. Hit step mash and mash out temperatures with the touch of a button. Program your HLT to maintain a set temperature during the entire brew day so you’re always ready for the next step.

The control system is installed with touchscreen, pump and RIMS heater on a stainless steel bracket. No need to figure out how to mount the control box. Just place it on the floor, countertop, workbench, whatever. You’ll be able to easily read the digital temperature readout of all three vessels simultaneously.

Brew batch sizes between 5 and 17 gallons at one time.

Sabco supplies the power cord with a NEMA 14-50P plug. You supply a 220-240 Volt, 50 Amp circuit. This plug can be replaced with a NEMA L6-30P plug (only needs 30 Amp circuit) if you do not need double-batch capability. HLT and boil heaters include NEMA L6-30 plugs that are attached to the control system. This is much safer and durable than putting plugs directly on the heaters in close proximity to liquids.

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System includes:

  • Three 20-gallon vessels – hot liquor tank, mash tun, boil kettle
  • RIMS control system with 7” color touchscreen and industrial electronics
  • Food-grade March 815 high-temperature pump with stainless steel housing and sanitary fittings
  • RIMS heat chamber and heater
  • Two 5,500 Watt heaters for HLT and kettle with plugs and receptacles
  • Power cord and plug
  • Three RTD temperature sensors
  • Durable false bottom
  • All valves, pickup tubes, hoses, clamps and gaskets

Technical specifications:

  • Minimum batch size = 5 gallons
  • Maximum batch size = 17 gallons
  • 220-240 Volt circuit required for incoming power
  • Power cord supplied with NEMA 14-50P plug
  • 50 Amp circuit required for double-batch configuration, 30 Amp circuit for single-batch configuration
  • RIMS heater is 1,500 Watt with 2” tri-clamp fitting
  • HLT and kettle heaters are 5,500 Watts each with 2” tri-clamp fittings
  • RTD temperature sensors are 3-wire with compensation


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