• Chill-Wizard System

    Chill-Wizard is a remarkable chilling 'System' that includes several components in logical, sequential order that allows for CIP (clean-in-place) simplicity, semi-automation and high efficiency. Perfect for any serious brewer!  This is a great tool with brief-case style portability and ease of storage.  Choose between American 115 volt or Euro 220 volt version below.
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  • SABCO is pleased to offer the latest in its long line of pro-level, small scale brewing equipment.  The Plate-Pro Sanitary Chiller offers a professional small capacity frame and superb efficiency with 41 removable SS cooling plates.  This allows complete inspection and cleaning.  It's the design that you'll find in the largest breweries. MADE IN THE USA!    Buy the Best!
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  • SABCO Gift Certificate

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