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    White Labs FermFlask by Sabco

    This is the White Labs FermFlask by Sabco. It is a yeast brink providing a simple way to prevent yeast contamination caused by bacteria, wild yeast and other organisms. It was designed by White Labs and it's built by Sabco. What a great combination! Yeast experts and equipment experts combined to make this wonderful product. Perfect for:
    • Yeast collection
    • Yeast storage
    • Yeast maintenance
    • Priming mixer
    This vessel is modeled after the Carlsberg Flask, invented with the first pure yeast culture in 1883 by Emil Christian Hansen. The FermFlask  yeast brink is designed specifically for aseptic yeast handling in the brewery, assuring a pure and fit pitching yeast. Totally sanitary, no threads, only the best. Features and specifications:
    • FermFlask allows you to easily add nutrients while the yeast is in storage
    • You'll be able to charge your yeast prior to pitching
    • The paddle option helps you avoid hot spots and lets you homogenize the yeast slurry prior to sampling or pitching.
    • Sanitary fittings throughout
    • Smooth welds everywhere
    • Totally enclosed design
    • 1/2 bbl (15.5 gallon/58.6L) volume
    • Pressure release valve included
    • Sanitary ball valve included (1" diameter)
    • Pressure gauge included
    • Wide piping for thick slurries
    • 6" top port for easy cleaning
    • Pharmaceutical grade tri-clamps
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    Sabco Fermenters


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    Sabco Fermenters are very popular among homebrewers.

    The 7.75 gallon version is perfect for batch sizes up to 5 gallons.

    The 15.5 gallon version is perfect for batch sizes up to 10 gallons.

    Sabco Fermenters have a great reputation for ease of use and cleaning. Way easier to lift and move than conicals. Just put it in your refrigerator or chest freezer for cost-effective temperature control. See link below for our thermowell which can replace the thermometer for electronic temperature control. Features include:
    • Sanitary fittings, no threads
    • 4" tri-clamp port in the top for easy assembly and cleaning
    • Racking arm swivels, making it easy to push clear beer off the top of yeast
    • Sanitary ports in the top for blowoff and applying pressure
    • Blowoff tube included
    • Easy yeast pitching through the top port
    • 3/4" tri-clamp port for Sabco Carb Wand or suspending hops
    • 3" thermometer can be removed if you prefer to use a thermowell for digital temperature control
    • No bulk head fittings. You're too smart for that nonsense.
    Please note: The photos show valves that can be disassembled. The valves we currently ship with all Sabco Fermenters cannot be taken apart.
  • This 4" tri-clamp cap can be used to upgrade an older Sabco Fermenter to the current design. Two sanitary ports in the cap give you lots of options. On our Sabco Fermenter we use one for blow-off. The other port can be used to inject oxygen or COwith our Carb Wand. This lets you use your fermenter as a bright tank. Pro tip: Get this cap along with the Carb Wand and Dirty Gauge (links below) to carbonate very quickly right inside your fermenter or bright tank. This cap also includes 2 tri-clamps, 2 caps and 2 gaskets.
  • Sabco Carb Wand

    This is the best way to carbonate using your Sabco Bright vessels. You can also turn your Sabco Fermenter into a Bright tank. The Carb Wand can be inserted into your Sabco Fermenter or Bright using the 3/4" tri-clamp port in the top. Then, connect a bottle of COfor carbonating or oxygen for aerating. The 0.5 micron stone on the Carb Wand will get the job done quickly. For older Sabco Fermenters without the tri-clamp ports in the cap, purchase this Carb Wand along with the new Fermenter cap (see link below). Made of 304 SS. Includes shut-off valve and brass 5/16" barb.